I am offering a 7 day retreat on Molokai, Hawaii May 25- June 1. The intention for the retreat is to create an adventure to explore, grow and transform your life.

This retreat will support you to deepen and expand your connection, your inner capacity, and your spiritual practice with yourself and this intimate community of adventurers. Of course there will be relaxation and fun as well.

The days will unfold organically with morning meditation, Healthy organic (when possible) meals, activities that will be both engaging, adventurous, transformative and fun. We will spend time hanging out together and enjoy some evening gatherings and activities.

You will explore the extraordinary beauty of Molokai, the teachings of the Ocean Mother, the beauty of your own heart as it is reflected in the natural world of Hawaii. We will cook as a community, create the energetic resonance for your dreams and intentions to be cultivated and created, work together to awaken individually using the obstacles that confront you and inspire you, cultivate a relationship with the Ancestors of your lineage as well as the Ancestors of the land, swim with the dolphins and turtles, engage in a traditional Awa ceremony with a traditional Hawaiian, enjoy daily meditation, yoga, process fun, walks and evening rituals and programs, and much, much more.

The cost of the retreat looks like it will be around $1650/person (all inclusive) + flights.

There is only room for 12 people.
A non-refundable deposit of $800/couple is required to save your place.



Change your Partnership without Changing your Partner

A conscious relationship offers you the opportunity to treat yourself and others as a precious gift. It is healing and life- affirming. More gifts than needs are brought to such a relationship. It offers you the possibility to relate across the perceived gulf of yourself and another and to enter into each other’s hearts while remaining conscious and aware throughout.
Join me for a profound workshop investigating what maintains the distance between yourself and your partner and your longing and your loving.This workshop will take you from wherever you are with your relationship to a place of deep and abiding gratitude for the gift inherent in your challenges no matter the circumstances.
FEE: $95/person
LOCATION: Aptos, California
Call for more information

Rio Del Mar Meditation
Zen Koan Meditation 

Koan Meditation

2nd & 4th Sunday of each month




With Illana Berger

One day a man went off to wander in the mountains. When he returned, the teacher met him at the gate and asked, “Where have you been?”
“I’ve been strolling about in the hills.”
“Which way did you go?”
“I went out following the scented grass and came back chasing the falling flowers.”
“That’s exactly the feeling of spring,” said the teacher.
“It’s better than autumn dew falling on the lotuses,” said the man

Join us for this workshop to align with the radiance and blossoming potential of the Spring Equinox!

All that has been gestating during the winter months in the natural world is now ready to come forth into fullness. We too, as human beings, are also encourage and inspired to blossom into our unique and miraculous potentials. New growth is stimulated and our dreams and intentions are ready to take form in our lives.

Together we will align our deepest wishes with the unfolding of the spring equinox, and we will invite the intelligence of the universe to guide us as we begin to give birth to ourselves. This is the time of year when the veil between the above and the below opens so you can blossom into the new opportunities that are available to you. We will use meditation to open our hearts, and a ritual designed to move your life upward to merge with your creativity so you can be all you are and have the life you imagine for yourself.

All levels are welcome… everyone is invited. No experience necessary.

Now is the time!

When: March 18
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: Rockridge Meditation Community, Oakland


Illana Berger, Ph.D., is a spiritual teacher, counselor and healer in private practice in Santa Cruz and Oakland, California. She is an expert in the field of relationship, divorce, indigenous wisdom, Ancestral healing, spiritual practices, ritual and personal transformation. She incorporates the study, experience, and integration of the world’s spiritual practices in her work as vehicles for the expansion and awakening of consciousness. An MA and Ph.D. in Transformative Spirituality,Traditional Knowledge and Recovery of the Indigenous Mind Illana has been working with individuals, couples and groups for more than 22 years.

Illana has trained with healers, elders and medicine people from around the world, is a Zen teacher working with Koans, and facilitates vision quests, seminars and workshops and initiatory travel & programs.

What to bring:
Journal and Pen and something for the altar that represents what you wish to renew or give birth to.

Cost– $35-$50 sliding scale.
Location 5463 College Ave, Oakland, Ca

Please register early as space and seating is limited.