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Illana Berger, PhD

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Relationship Counseling,   Marriage Counseling,   Individual Counseling, Mindful Divorce Coaching,   * Personal Transformation Work,   Spiritual Coaching/Counseling,   * Earth Quest & Nature Bathing,   * Zen Meditations and Teachings

Whatever Confronts You, Don't Believe it. Shine your light on it. Trust in the light that is always shining within you."  Linji



Illana Berger, PhD


I'd like to tell you a bit about myself.

A teacher wrote: "Every act of love is a deep unknowing, a plunge into life that we're aware, even as we do it, will contain sorrow, may end in grief, but has its own necessity." This is the risk we take each time we consider and then agree to enter into a love relationship with another.  It is an an act of bravery and courage to get romantically involved and/or marry and an equal act of bravery and courage to divorce.

I have done both.

I understand and have great empathy for anyone and everyone who dares to love.

I know intimately the fear you feel when your beloved informs you that they are no longer in love with you. I also know what it is like to be at the end of your rope with the arguments, the disagreements and the hurts, yet feel the pull, the imperative to get help and see if your marriage or relationship can be saved.  

I have done both.

I will assist you in expanding your personal awareness and consciousness and how to use that awareness to cultivate compassion and kindness with your partner. Together we discover how your mind works, how your body communicates with you and what your soul is most longing for. We explore how the tapestry of your life and the stories you carry influence your assumptions, your choices and your values.
I have had the great privilege to work with elders, healers and wisdom keepers from all over the world. These wonderful teachers and their teachings have deeply informed me and the work I offer to you. 
My core philosophy is that healing and wholeness begins first with yourself, then extends to your family and finally within the larger communities that surround you.

I always intend to be absolutely neutral in our exploration together so that all involved feel heard and supported. What I am most committed to is your individual discoveries and growth. Whether you stay in your relationship or not is usually not the real question. The real question is "who am I" and "where is life taking me."

Please contact me and set up a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you with your relationship.


Have a look around and see what service is best for you.

You’re here because you know things aren’t quite right.

Something feels like it is missing. It’s not like it used to be. You feel like you want or need more. You're fed up and have had enough.

Frustrated. Fearful. Dissatisfied.

You’re in the right place. Mindful Divorce or Relationship Coaching can help you. We all exist in relationship. The quality of our relationships has a tremendous impact on our happiness, our joy and our peace of mind not to mention our impact and productiveness in the world.

Have a look around. See which service is best for you.


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I invite you to live your life from a consciously aware perspective and discover the truth of who you are. This means living intentionally, following your inner guidance, expressing your authentic voice and being open to living fully the life you have in this very moment.

You will begin to let go of the habits and reactive conditioning that keeps you separate and alone in your suffering. Working together you will learn to cultivate a compassionate heart, a commitment to your greatest self, and a willingness to release the past. You will also learn how to free yourself from the self preserving and limited thinking that sabotages the love you are and the love you seek .

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"I visualized the ideal "Coach/Counselor" for me, as I had been frustrated with my run of therapists and found very few who could reach me in the way I need/desire. Frankly, I couldn't find one that was any good at what they did. Everything I imagined that day, I got once I met you. I wanted you to know how how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and that I found someone who could hold my journey with me as you have. Thank you."  JJB 

"I have to say that in my entire life I have never met a more powerful spiritual woman who is advancing the consciousness of this planet.  I am so grateful you assisted me to forgive my ex-husband and now in 24 hours a true transformation with my daughter.

There are no words for my gratefulness and the payment is so small for what you have given me. Thank you" MCK


Dr. Illana Berger

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