Virtual Koan Meditation Reteat

April 11, 2020   10:00 - 12:30

During this profound, poignant and utterly unprecedented global pause we are presented with an unparalleled opportunity for personal and collective transformation. The Earth is calling for our attention, inviting us to stop, to listen deeply, and to reflect.

In this half day meditation you will have the chance to dive deeply into your heart, bring your "presence" forward as a healing salve and to draw strength from each other and from the earth. Let us discover together new ways to meet these times and to re imagine your life, both for yourself and for the world.

I'm excited to invite you to join me for a special koan meditation retreat created to support you and inspire you in these extraordinary times.


After Registration a Zoom link will be sent prior to the Retreat with instructions and preparation. If you don't have Zoom please visit and download it. It is free.

This is a free virtual event.  to register for this event please Click Below

Individual Quests

Transform Your Life

Have you ever wanted to deeply focus on an issue or challenge in your life in such a way that it has the opportunity to transform right there in the moment? Register for an individual quest and use the time to heal your wounds, your relationship with yourself or another, or just take a dive into your spiritual soul and discover the gifts waiting there for your illumination.  These are one-on-one retreats that can be for one, two or three days. Give yourself the gift of love. Register now.

Individual Quests are custom designed for you to meet and transform a particular issue in your life or support you in manifesting what you intend at this time in your life and/or healing a relationship, illness, trauma or hardship.  We will engage in process work, dialogue, meditation and ceremony. Individual Quests begin Friday afternoon and end Sunday noon or can be arranged on a schedule that works for you. Fee does not include lodging, food or travel.