DECEMBER 20, 2020  10:30-4:30

Winter Solstice is an incredibly auspicious day this year.  It is the time of the Great Mutation when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sign of Aquarius and we begin a new 20 year cycle in this air sign. The last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was in 2000. Its a complicated astrological event but auspicious none-the-less. This conjunction will take place December 21st.  


We are also 11 days from our New Year and we are all ready for 2020 to end! It has been a grueling year. Most of us reflect on the past year and envision our future at this time of year.  Some of us do this in the privacy of our meditation, some with friends and others in the contemplative pages of our journals.  Every New Year millions of people make resolutions to do things differently. Because cultures from around the world understand that the New Year is an opportunity to spiritually turn the wheel of dharma and begin anew, this is the perfect time to look at areas that we might wish to adjust.


This year I would like to offer us an opportunity to cast off the parts of ourselves, and perhaps aspects of our lives, that no longer serve us and the future we are calling in. During this virtual retreat, we will purify and prepare for a new vision for ourselves and 2021. The days is dedicated to gathering as a virtual community to meditate and reflect on our lives, our world and our future, together.


I would love you to join me!

Individual Quests

Transform Your Life

Have you ever wanted to deeply focus on an issue or challenge in your life in such a way that it has the opportunity to transform right there in the moment? Register for an individual quest and use the time to heal your wounds, your relationship with yourself or another, or just take a dive into your spiritual soul and discover the gifts waiting there for your illumination.  These are one-on-one retreats that can be for one, two or three days. Give yourself the gift of love. Register now.

Individual Quests are custom designed for you to meet and transform a particular issue in your life or support you in manifesting what you intend at this time in your life and/or healing a relationship, illness, trauma or hardship.  We will engage in process work, dialogue, meditation and ceremony. Individual Quests begin Friday afternoon and end Sunday noon or can be arranged on a schedule that works for you. Fee does not include lodging, food or travel.