Virtual Meditation Evening

May 26, 2020   6:00-7:30

These are End Times: How Do We meet It?

A Virtual Meditation

May 26, 2020
6:00 - 7:30 PM

A Monk asks his teacher, " In the raging of the kalpa fire 10,000 universes are together destroyed
I wonder if this is destroyed or not destroyed?” The teacher responds, “Destroyed.”
The monk continues, “If so, does everything go with it?”
The teacher answers, “Everything goes with it.”
The same monk later asks another teacher the same question,
The teacher replies, “Not Destroyed.”
When the monk asks, “Why is it not destroyed?”
The teacher replies, “Because it is the same as the 10,000 universes.”


I have come to calling the times we are in, "ending times." The world we were living in back in February, 2020 is no longer the world we are in today, nor the world we will be in next month.  Many are feeling a deep grief upon realizing this new reality.  For some the grief is anger, for others deep sorrow, still others experience fear.  Whatever or however you are experiencing these new times, it is helpful to acknowledge what is actually ending. The end of a Kalpa, like the reference of this Koan is what we are in.

Your compassion and understanding of the suffering of others and yourself is an essential path for meeting this time. The realities of living with an infectious, incurable and untreatable virus as well as the economic fallout from all of it, creates all kinds of responses. 

There are many ideas about how you "should" respond and how you "should" be handling all of this. We think we know ourselves but we don't allow ourselves to actually be surprised by our authentic and vulnerable feelings. In ancient times an end time such as this would have been referred to as an initiation. How do you meet an end time in 2020? Let's find out together.

Join me for meditation with this Koan, a walking meditation, a short teaching and conversation.

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The Whole World is Medicine: A Virtual Meditation Retreat

Sickness and Medicine Correspond with one another.

The Whole World is Medicine.

What Am I?   --Zen Koan

I am offering this Koan Retreat for ReImagine's Virtual World Festival: Life, Loss, Love on June 6, 2020 from 10:30 - 1:00 PST.

The "Whole World is Medicine" is a Meditation Retreat designed to give you a much needed opportunity to tune into your heart, your soul and your body. We will walk the path of our own lives through meditation with a Zen Koan, conversation with each other, a shared ritual, writing and small group sharing.

This will be a powerful, enlightening and insightful experience that will empower you to be engaged right here, right now in your life just as it is, fearlessly. The retreat will give you an opportunity to drop into your body wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth by discovering the medicine that corresponds to all sickness; be it loss, illness or grief.

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Individual Quests

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