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We move from Spring Aliveness and Growth into Summer, where we plant the harvest for Autumn.  The light returns to its fullness and we see into what is needed and wanted in our lives and in our world. This is a tall order given the chaos and uncertainty in our world.

Summer Solstice is about what you’d like to bring forth in your life.  You plant the seeds of nourishment and possibilities in order to create what you intend for your life and life itself.  

This moment invites us to take a collective breath and feel into what will emerge. At the same time we look at what has already blossomed over these months of spring. With Covid no longer raging and confining us to our homes, we can gather with friends and family and enjoy the presence of each other while celebrating what has bloomed.

Summer is always a great time to look inward and explore your sense of purpose, intention and manifestation while investigating the beliefs that support or sabotage your movement in your life. 

Here is a simple ritual you can do with friends and/or family to honor the season and your own growth.




Find a stone. One that is about 6 inches in diameter - largish but not too large!


When you find it or it finds you, (be sure to ask permission to take it and make an offering.  If there are insect people under it, it might not be okay to take it - please be certain it is ok with the Earth People to use the Stone AND that it is okay with the stone people to be used!), place it in front of you while sitting on the ground, a cushion or chair. Place the stone in your lap or in your hands.  All that you contemplate will be sent into the stone with your intention and your breath. Begin the Stone Meditation


Take a couple of cleansing breaths. Listen to breeze and rustling leaves, the bird songs, the voices of the water spirits (IF NEAR WATER), the sound of people around you. This is called waking up in the world.

Just watch your breath, your breathing in and out.  See if you can count five breaths without your mind wandering away. Start with the out-breath, and then the in-breath: that is one breath.  See if you can do five breaths without the mind wandering off to something else?  (The point of watching the breath is only to bring your mind to neutral, to pull it slowly away from the whirl of your worldly thoughts and begin to focus it within. It’s not as if watching the breath is itself a goal which will free us. It's not a problem if your mind wanders after two breaths, just notice and start again.)

Now think of what brought you to this ritual today? What you thought about in terms of manifesting and planting seeds. Decide for yourself what you would like to get out of this ritual. Choose what matters, what is real and will make a difference not only in your own life, but perhaps in your family, community or even the world. Take some time with this in your meditation.

So to begin the deep work, you begin with clearing your conscience: think of anything you have done, or anything you have said, or anything you have even thought that might have harmed someone including non human. (It can be the earth, an animal, plant etc.) Admit this to yourself, be totally honest with yourself, decide that you did it, decide that it was not a kindness and decide that you will not do it again.  This cleansing will allow your mind and heart to be wide open. 

Now, do the opposite, think of all the good things you do, all the good things you have said to people, all the good thoughts you have had and have and think of all the goodness of anyone and everyone in your life and take joy in everything that is good. Soak that in. 

We live at a time of great challenge on our planet.  We have climate catastrophe, wild storms, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes – the elementals expressing their power and presence, we have environmental deterioration, poor leadership and corruption.  We have religious and political fundamentalism growing along with intolerance, economic and social inequality as well as the mass extinction of animal and plant species at rates unprecedented. 

So ask yourself, in light of all of this what might be the task for you in your small individual life to do with your holy and sacred life?  AND how do you find not only a refuge amidst all of this, but joy and meaning in the small navigations of your life?

Now is the time of planting and growing what will sustain and nourish you in the months to come. What obstacles might prevent these things to grow and feed you and your family?  How might you remove these obstacles? What must you release? 

Now, conclude properly – You are going to intentionally send energy into your stone.

Realize that this stone has agreed to work with you. It will hold all that prevents you from manifesting the abundance and generosity needed for our Earth and all the beings on Earth to heal.  So, right now, send your obstacles, judgments, criticism and blame into this stone.  Let this stone person hold it for you. 

Now, send your loving energy, your intentions for this summer season and what you wish to plant in your life and the world.  Just send that energy right into the stone.

Now send your gratitude to this Stone person.

This meditation, all your meditations are an event, a sacred event, that has repercussions beyond what you can imagine. While holding the stone begin Tonglen.



Breathe in the suffering in the place you are sitting and breathe out love into your stone.

Breathe in those who are ill or dying and breathe out compassion into your stone.

Breathe in the suffering of all the children in this world whose mothers, fathers sisters and brothers have died of COVID or been killed in wars, gun violence or neglect and have become orphans and breathe out kindness into your stone. 

Breathe in the soldiers of the world who defend the liberties and freedoms for their citizens and breathe out gratitude into your stone.

Breathe in the suffering of those who are hungry, lonely, afraid, and angry and breathe out freedom into your stone. 

Breathe in the earth’s suffering and breathe out generosity into your stone.

Breathe in the suffering of the animals and the depletion of their habitats and breathe out love into your stone. 

Breathe in the waters, the air, the earth and the fires of passion and breathe out appreciation into your stone.

Breathe in the chaos and corruption in your country and breathe peace.

When you are ready, open your eyes and take a moment to jot down what you noticed or thoughts you recall or feelings you have right now in your journal.

When you are ready, take your Stone Person and place them in a safe area where you have done this ritual. place an offering (tobacco, water, lavender, etc.) and thank it.


This stone will now hold everything you put inside it. Take some time to be still and take in the day, the light, the generosity of the land, the sky, the plants and trees and when you are complete go have a sweet day.

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