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We will move from the Spring Aliveness and Growth into Summer, where we plant the harvest for Autumn.  The light returns to its fullness and we see into what is needed and wanted in our lives and in our world.

Summer Solstice is about what you’d like to bring forth in your life.  You plant the seeds of nourishment and possibilities in order to create what intend for our life and life itself.  


This moment invites us to take a collective breath and feel into what will emerge. At the same time we can look what has already blossomed over the months of spring. With Covid no longer confining us to our homes, for the first time in one and half years, we can gather and enjoy the presence of each other and celebrate what has bloomed within each of us.

Summer is always a great time to look inward and explore our sense of purpose, intention and manifestation while investigating the beliefs that support or sabotage our movement in our lives. 

So let us celebrate Summer together with the Ocean Mother. Together we can own our individual part of the strand of this beautiful tapestry that we create together and discover the fullness of who we are.

I'd like to invite you to join me in Santa Cruz at the Ocean Mother for Solstice. More information to follow.

Time: 6/2022

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Fee: (no one turned away for lack of funds)

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