Winter solstice Meditation

December 21, 2019

A monk asked the Teacher, "How do we escape the heat when summer comes and the cold when winter is here?
"The teacher said, "Why don't you go to the place where there is no summer, no winter?"
The monk asked, 'Where is such a place?"
The teacher replied, "When the cold season comes, one is thoroughly chilled; when the hot summer is here, one swelters." Zen Koan

I invite you to join me for a Winter Solstice Celebration in the Redwood Forest of Oakland, California.

The Winter Solstice, according to Confucious, is the season of wisdom. Okado Takehiko ( a contemporary Confucian teacher said:

“Stored wisdom is boundless and empty, but in it there is included all existence. It is the totality of principle with no distinguishing characteristics, and within it there is a vigorous activity. Therefore it is the unity of existence and activity. In terms of the four seasons it is the moment of midnight of the winter solstice, and it corresponds to the point of time when quietude is completely exhausted and subtle function is about to begin moving.” 

This suggests that the Winter Solstice holds meaning as a profound metaphor for the acquisition of wisdom. 

And so, as we come again to that shortest day and deepest night, consider the ways in which you, personally, have sought to find meaning in the cycling of light and dark, the yin and yang of cosmic processes and the entering into the dark underbelly of life herself.

Though the rain may be upon us we will spend time with the forest and the elements as a guiding force for our entrance into the dark time of the year. We will walk on gentle paths under the redwood canopy bathing in the love and generosity of the trees. Drawing upon Koan meditation, mindfulness, the Way of Council and authentic connection we will attune our bodies, our minds and our hearts to the winter rhythm of the forest as the cycles of time turn. 

Please bring a blanket to sit on, journal and pen, a poem that speaks to the dark time for you, an offering for the forest and an altar item that reflects what you will be burying in the earth as an intention and dream for 2020. 


Saturday December 21, 
10:00 - 3:00
Fee: $75
Redwood Park, Oakland

Registration Required

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