"Relax, the future
is already unfolding
from long planted seeds" Annette Makino


There is something so profound about this Haiku. The Dalai Lama has long taught that we plant the seeds of our future with our very thoughts. I imagine, like me, your thoughts have been all over the place these past few months.  If we only had the climate crisis and the election to concern ourselves with, that would be a lot. But when you add Covid-19, the shadow of racism rising into the light with ongoing murders of people of color in the streets by law enforcement and vigilantes, AND, the chaos  and lawlessness of our government - well, its difficult to calm the mind let alone the thoughts!

Thank goodness for the coming and going of the seasons!  They provide for us the opportunity to take time for meditation and ritual to clarify our thoughts and set our intentions. To realign our souls with our deepest and most sincere commitments to life.

Summer is the time of planting seeds. Let us come together as a virtual community and till the soil of our minds readying them for our seeds of compassion, love in action and awakening.

Summer solstice happens at 5:44 PST. Let's begin at 5:15 so that we can be in meditation as our planet moves into the longest moment of the year.

Summer Solstice Virtual Ritual Retreat
June 20,

5:15 - 7:30 PM


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Individual Quests are custom designed for you to meet and transform a particular issue in your life or support you in manifesting what you intend at this time in your life and/or healing a relationship, illness, trauma or hardship.  We will engage in process work, dialogue, meditation and ceremony. Individual Quests begin Friday afternoon and end Sunday noon or can be arranged on a schedule that works for you. Fee does not include lodging, food or travel.