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You’re here because you know things shouldn’t be this hard. Your relationship is not like it used to be. Something feels like it’s missing. You’re wanting, needing or deserving more. Perhaps you’re fed up and have had enough.

Frustrated. Lost. Discouraged. Disheartened. Withdrawn. Don’t lose hope.

The quality of your relationships has a tremendous impact on your happiness, your peace of mind, not to mention, your productivity and impact in the world. And often times we don’t have the tools and perspective to navigate the challenges we face.
But you’re in the right place. I can help you.
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Hi I'm Illana Berger

Hello, I’m Illana Berger
What brought you to this site today? Something within is encouraging you to reach out.
Sometimes we know what it is that is out of balance and sometimes we just feel our distress but can’t quite put our finger on what it is exactly.
Perhaps you have a lot of stories running that all seem true and you need help sorting them out. I can help.

More about Illana

Illana’s Thoughts

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    Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt — marvelous illusion — that there was a beehive here in my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and…

  • Coin Lost in the River is Found in the River

    Koan: A coin lost in the river, is found in the river. I like to think of the lost coin as our liberation and tied up with our liberation is…

  • Falling into Life

    Koan Mr. Pang was selling baskets. Coming down off a bridge with his arms full, he stumbled and fell. When his grownup daughter saw this, she ran up and threw…

  • There is Another World Inside of This One

    “There is another world and it is inside this one.”  – Paul Eluard Meditation practice doesn’t give you information or experiences about life; it presents the experience of life itself.  Koans,…

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