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Your wedding is a very special time. In every wedding I perform, your ideas, dreams and personal traditions are honored and woven into the ceremonies that we design together. I endeavor to design a ceremony that is meaningful, personal and inclusive of the elements that will make your wedding ceremony memorable to you, your family and friends. I perform every ceremony as if it were the first, last and only ceremony I will ever perform. Every couple I serve deserves to have an extraordinary and memorable wedding that holds the space for the promises of love and commitment that you are making to one another.

I serve the Bay Area and will travel to a bay area destination you choose! I am a Multi-faith and Interfaith Minister, licensed to officiate weddings. The couples I work with are as diverse as our world is. Many are from different faith traditions, different cultures or just want to include diverse rituals in their ceremony. Most couples want to find a common spiritual foundation on which to celebrate this joyous life passage. You may find that you are simply looking for a unique, creative way to express your love for, and commitment to, one another. I will partner with you to create a very personal and meaningful ceremony. Many of the ceremonies I officiate use little of the language, music, or visual symbols of a “traditional” wedding and instead bring a creatively unique approach to the ceremony. I work a great deal with same-gender couples and am honored to support this special union and commitment. In all instances, I will work together with you to craft a simple and beautiful ceremony that blends your vision with my expertise.

It is an honor to be chosen by you to share in such an intimate moment. It is important for me to create a feeling of warmth, intimacy and enchantment! I will bring knowledge, inspiration and diverse ideas to the creation of your ceremony so it is a sincere expression of your unique relationship. In the ceremonies designed together the words spoken will reflect your style and what is in your hearts.  I begin by offering a complimentary, phone, Zoom or FaceTime consultation to meet, connect and to begin to design your ideal wedding ceremony. In this meeting I have 3 goals:

     * My first goal is for us to get to know each other and see if we connect. Your ceremony is one of the most significant moments in your life and it is important to have an officiant with whom you feel there is a connection, that you feel comfortable and safe with, and someone who cares about you.

     * My second goal is that we discuss ceremony ideas: Depending on the package you choose below, you may have many ideas, or none at all.  You may have traditions or something you have seen someone else do; whatever it is I will take time to explore your personal feelings about the ceremony and choose a direction and tone for your ceremony.

     * My third goal is to bring ceremonial ideas for you to consider. Together we will find examples of material that will be appropriate for you as a starting point in creating your ritual and help you to see what is possible. Often we discover new ideas or directions that you may not have previously considered. At the end of this meeting you will have a very clear idea of what is possible and a feel for your wedding day.

My services include:
Creating and Officiating Ceremonies, Consulting and Marriage Counseling


Beach Wedding Venue

Basic Ceremony

This package is for couples who wish a very short and basic ceremony. No attendants, 20 or less guests and no frills. This is a pre-designed ritual that is beautiful and creates an inspiring celebration of your sacred day. Includes a one-to-one meeting to meet and connect in person or via video conferencing. No edits to the ceremony are available

 $500 + $.50/Mile + Travel Time at $100/hr

Image by Nick Karvounis

Simple Ceremony

This package includes a preliminary one-to-one consultation. We discuss your vision of the type of wedding ceremony you wish to have and elements that are important to you. I provide you with a simple ceremony that reflects my sense of who you are as a couple and includes 1 optional reading and an opportunity to include parents in your ceremony. This package is appropriate for small wedding parties with no more than 4 attendants and guests numbering less than 80.

$850 + $.50/Mile + Travel Time at $100/hr

Hindu Wedding Ritual

Custom Ceremony

This package includes a preliminary one-on-one consultation. We will get to know each other and discover your unique journey and stories. This package is also for couples who want a private custom designed ceremony that may or may not have attendants, guests and or witnesses.  For those couples wanting a large wedding, we will discuss who is coming to your ceremony and how you want to include them in your ritual. We will share ritual ideas from different traditions and a variety of readings as well as discuss your vows and how you might create them to reflect your personalities and beliefs. I both design a ceremony just for you. I will send you a draft so that you can make edits and adjustments and together we craft a ceremony you will remember for the rest of your lives. This package is appropriate for both private or large wedding parties with no more than 10 attendants and quests numbering up to 150 – 200.

$1250 + $.50/Mile + Travel Time at $100/hr


One-to-one marriage counseling once/quarter for 1.5 hours each for the first year of marriage.

Special features to consider for your ceremony:

* Planting Ceremony
* Blanket Ceremony
* Vase Ceremony
* Seven Blessings
* Circle of Life
* Candle Ritual
* Creating Sacred Space
* Purification Rituals
* Calling the Ancestors
* Shofar Ritual


  • Welcome and opening words are a simple welcome and a brief statement about the meaning and value of love and commitment. Sometimes we add a meditation or intention to the ceremony.

  • The readings affirm and support your love and commitment.

  • The questions of intent invites you to promise your community that you will create a loving partnership based on the fundamentals of your values and beliefs.

  • The vows are your promises to each other written by you to each other.

  • The rings are blessed by you and exchanged as symbols of your promises made to each other in your vows.

  • The blessing is a request by me to Creation or the animating life force, asking for support for the commitment you are making.

  • The announcement or declaration is a summary and affirmation of your love and ceremony.

  • The closing words are a statement of gratitude for your future together

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