From my experience working with couples, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. What makes a relationship a “union of the beloved,” or the “perfect fit,” is not that there are no disagreements, sadness, struggles, or anger – in fact in a good, healthy relationship there is plenty of that. What makes a union a “perfect” fit is the commitment between two people to grow together and to do the work necessary within oneself.


Relationship is an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself by using what arises in your relationship as a teaching or a mirror. Relationship is meant to be shared, nothing else is necessary. No one has figured out a way to avoid the difficulties, however sharing with another through those difficulties is a grand thing. That’s true partnership. 


Relationship Counseling/Coaching is designed to support you in building depth to your marriage, partnership or relationship and to help reconcile the differences and challenges between you and your spouse/partner.


If you are visiting this site, it is because you are looking for more in your life and more from your relationship(s). The only requirement for living an extraordinary life and having an exceptionally loving relationship is a commitment to your relationship and your own personal growth.


Using your marriage, your important relationships and/or your most difficult relationships as an instrument for your healing and transformation leads you toward life altering insights regarding your destiny, your work, your potential and your dreams.


I provide practices and insights that take you beyond conflict and open you to the powerful force of love. Love always shines its light and reveals that which has been lingering in the shadows. What is inconsistent with love, will rise to the surface so we can see it, heal it and embrace it with love. When you shine the light of consciousness and awareness on the small ego self – the ego can slowly dissolve and reveal the essential Self. This is the great gift of relationship and is the philosophical core of my coaching practice.


Ask yourself these questions:

      Is my relationship, partnership or marriage different than I thought it would be? 
      Do I find myself lost in thought, perhaps wondering how to find a different life?
      Do I find that I argue and struggle in my relationship, marriage or partnership over the same things that                       never seem to get resolved? 
      Is the love, fire and passion missing from my marriage or relationship?


If these, or other similar kinds of questions and thoughts arise for you – you are not alone. Thousands of people have these exact or similar thoughts. What is alarming is that there are very few places to go to get insight into this process of relationship re-ignition. The good news is that this does not mean this is, or should be, the end of your relationship or marriage. It also does not mean that it can’t  or won’t be.  


To love is one of the riskiest adventures we can engage in. Often we believe that to love means I will love my partner/spouse or our partner/spouse will love us till the end of time. The truth is that love is a field that we meet in. It does not have an object or subject relationship. There is just “love” and you enter into that field together.


When conflict arises it is so you can see what is inconsistent with the love you are creating together. No you can discover and heal the wounds you each carry. This is the good news. Together in Relationship Counseling/Coaching you come to appreciate the areas of conflict and the opportunity it affords you to heal yourself and to work together to discover how and when you abandon loving. It is as simple as that.


It is an exciting and transformative journey into conscious loving.

You are the creator of your own life and your own future!