The Snake and the Four Winds ~ Nachash v’ Arba Ruchot

Jewish Entrances into the Indigenous Mind ~ A Journey of Memory and Healing
Authored by Dr Illana L Berger, Dr Illana L Berger

The Snake and the Four Winds explores the ancient tribal traditions, ritual, ceremonies, and mind of the ancient tribal Jews called Ivrim. Dr. Berger shares with the reader a new way of understanding Judaism as a tribal tradition. Resourcing the Kabbalah, Torah, Talmud and the teachings of the ancient shamans Illana brings a new vision to the Jewish tradition.

The book takes you into the world of Ancestors, ancient meditation practices, Jewish shamanic practices, Jewish healing and a process of remembering that is quite profound.

The vision for this book is to revive the traditional tribal ways of the ancient Jewish culture and to re-awaken the balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of wisdom, knowledge, and Divinity inherent in Jewish traditional ways of life. It is intended to affect and stimulate the healing of the soul through a process of remembering the old ways of being/knowing embraced by ancient Jewish people. It is designed to inspire the cultural and ancestral memory of readers to become conscious of their connection to the living world just as their ancient ancestors did and begin to cultivate this consciousness and awareness in their daily lives.

The Snake and the Four Winds is a book also a personal story that contextualizes the author’s life and the changes that have transpired during the course of her life within the shamanic tribal tradition of the Jewish culture. These narratives also chronicle the lives of her Ancestors. Using indigenous science and methods for remembering her indigenous mind, Illana discovered a deep and profound healing in her own life. This book carries the stories of her journey, the teachings of her ancestors, elders, mentors, guides, G-ds, and G-ddesses and embodies the story of her own healing, from colonization, within the healing paradigm of her ancient Ancestral tradition.

The Journey from Grievance to Gratitude Course

Relationship (and/or divorce) is a spiritual practice and a sacred journey inward. Neither relationship nor divorce can be fixed on the outside. They can only be transformed from the inside and that, in and of itself, is quite a journey. Like any great adventure, the rewards are unexpected and surprising.

If you can imagine that you are on a sacred journey to Mecca or Machu Pichu, rather than enduring the biggest heartbreak or difficulty of your life then your experiences begin to take on entirely new meanings. When you are on a sacred journey, every moment is rich with images, symbols, and messages that reveal your intimacy with the world. This is also true with every aspect, every moment of life whether you are aware of it or not. On a sacred journey you tend to meet each moment with a profound sense of wonder and awe because you are in a state of not knowing. You don’t know the landscape. You don’t know how the weather will be. Sometimes you don’t know the language spoken and you don’t know who or what you will meet on your path.

If you believe that you know all you need to ever know about yourself and your journey with your partner or spouse, then life can become stagnant, even stale. However, with this new point of view, your partnership or even your divorce can become a gateway to discovering the beauty and mystery in the life you have right now.

This course is organized around seven spiritual principles that I offer as a kind of road map on your personal journey to Mecca or to the center of your life. As you travel you might discover that your relationship opens up in unexpected ways. You begin with a Zen Koan Meditation Practice to have as the container for this course and will have the opportunity to learn 7 spiritual principles, meditation practices, rituals, exercises or writing assignments along with some inspirational readings to guide you from grievance to gratitude.