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Fall Meditation & Celebration Retreat

October 7-9, 2022

As we come to the conclusion of Summer and enter the Fall season of harvest, we are offered a beautiful time to gather the fruits of our labor to store for the return of the stark and lean Winter time. At this seasonal time take stock of your life and acknowledge what you want to cultivate, gather and carry into the new year. It is also a time to let go and release what you no longer want and return it into the vast cosmic soup of creation. This retreat is a time for meditation, contemplation, ritual and ceremony. You will step outside of your daily lives and engage in personal reflection, reframe your experiences of this year into stories of compassion, strength and insight. Together we will cultivate a soul-centered relationship to the life each of us has created with our self, with the Earth and with the community(s) you serve. This is an opportunity to commune with nature and your inner sanctum, allowing the Earth to be your teacher. The fall leaves and the changing colors of the natural world reflect the beauty of life's inevitable ebb and flow. Nature, in all her wisdom, guides us through cycles of rest, renewal, release and reinvigoration. Change is the only constant and our perspective shapes our reality. Come and open your heart and mind, adjust your vision with loving curiosity, and follow nature's lead in shedding inhibiting mind-body patterns to awaken your inherent vitality and awe. This retreat will give you the opportunity to gift yourself some perspective and awaken your true heart to overflow into the community you touch when you return home. Location: TBA Date: October 7-9 Fee: $950 Non-refundable deposit: $250 Limited to 8 people.

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