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Couples Coaching

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Every relationship has a story to tell.  Our lives are created from the influences of our families, our environment, our culture, our experiences and our Ancestors.  It is all of these influences that brings two people together.

You might be at a moment where you realize that something wants to be expressed, understood or witnessed that might deepen or expand the relationship you two share. Perhaps the story you are carrying has lost its luster or power and you're unclear about how to move forward.  Perhaps joy doesn't feel accessible these days and you find yourself asking "is this all there is?  Your marriage or relationship has been manageable until now, but it’s not feeling manageable any longer. You fear that if you share what's going on you will rock the boat, but if something doesn't change the boat will sink. You know you are ready to be supported because when you imagine it, it feels like you can breathe more easily.

The couples I work with often find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship. Relating strategies they have developed that served them well once upon a time, are no longer working. They often find that there is a struggle they can't seem to win. They know they are ready for a change, or changes, but they don't know where to start, what to do or how to manage.

I support creative, inquisitive people who are challenged by their relationship. I show them how to find joy in the marriage or relationship that they have right now, right here by exploring what is under the struggles and conflicts.  


I believe that our lives are one big experiment. UntiI you are willing to get real with yourself, try new strategies for communication, relating, intimacy and compassion, you have no idea where your relationship might take you or what might open up that you could never have imagined.


I guide you in a discovery process that opens up possibilities, adventures and explorations that may be keeping you stuck and unable to see a clearing in the path you are walking. I use a variety of tools such as meditation, ritual, guided mindfulness, zen koans, communication processes and compassion practices as well as nature and weekly or bi-weekly 90 minute sessions where I provide a safe place for you to tell your story, roll play, express your struggles and challenges and find meaning and purpose in the story you are living together. We work on issues together in our sessions in order to make new discoveries about each other and about yourself.

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