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You know you’re ready for relationship coaching/counseling if…

You’ve reached a point where just maintaining the status quo is no longer working

You’ve tried unsuccessfully to untangle the knots in your relationship on your own.

You’re now ready to enlist some outside help.

You’re motivated and willing to do the hard work of exploring your inner world and how it collides with your partner or spouses.

You believe that your relationship is worth it.

Image by Jordan Bauer

I suggest you begin with 10 sessions

In these first 10 sessions we will discover what your obstacles and challenges are

Some tools that empower you to listen so your partner will talk and talk so your partner will listen

Cultivate compassion and kindness toward and for each other, including yourself

Meet your relationship as a great and powerful experiment in life and love

Discover the path and direction you want your relationship and life to take.

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