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“When the young people stop singing the old songs and there are no more dreams and visions of greatness, there is no more power.  So as your vision is, so shall your power be. So as your faith is, so shall your success be. Therefore, we need to allow our hearts and minds to be world embracing.” 
Phil Lane, Lakota

  • In A Virtual Wilderness Earth Quest You Will Discover:

  • How to meet these challenging times in our country and culture.

  • What is calling to you from your soul and what are you being called to.

  • How to die to who you have been so that you can be born into who you are destined to be

  • More meaning and aliveness in your life

  • I invite you to cross the threshold of a limited life to one of freedom and adventure.

Life provides many opportunities for growth and transformation. Some might even say that they feel their life has been a Rite of Passage. Dealing with depression, an illness, a loss and/or financial insecurity can feel overwhelming and disorienting. When our lives are a struggle or we face what feel like insurmountable obstacles, these are the very experiences that hone us into the people we are or are becoming.  These indeed feel like Rites of Passage and in some regard they are. 


Societies, however, have offered ritual Rites of Passage or Initiation for a good reason. There is something life changing and profound when your life passages are marked with ceremony and ritual.  The Earth Quest is exactly this. It is a profound marking of your life journey.  It asks: Who are you? What has brought you here? Where are you going? What is your destiny? And perhaps most important, How do  you serve Life? These ceremonies have been an integral aspect of the life way of all ancient cultures, throughout time. They are an honoring of your life transitions, expand your understanding of existence and affirm life during a time when great changes are taking place.

In our modern culture these ceremonies are all but lost…at least they are unrecognizable as initiation, primarily because we no longer ritualize or contextualize them. What is communicated through a Wilderness Earth Quest is an understanding of the world that grows out of your own life and worldview. You will become a vessel for your Ancestor’s sacred teachings, which will redefine how you view yourself in the world. Wilderness Earth Quest is a means to understand the Divine, the world of the supernatural, and the idea that the world and its construction is sacred. You will come to terms with the foundation of your humanity and who you are as a person today and in your future especially given the challenges our planet is facing. 


Due to these extraordinary times I am inviting you to Join me on a transformative adventure. You will have the opportunity to enter into a deep relationship with your inner wisdom, strength, and creativity as well as meet with your Ancestors, Mother Nature, the Earth and all her creatures.

The intention behind the Wilderness Earth Quest is to transform and redefine yourself and your future.  Together we explore what your destiny is and discover the paths that leads you there.

Each person chooses to quest for profoundly personal reasons. Yet, together, we form an intimate and supportive community. This quest involves preparation prior to the actual quest time, three days of preparation once together, your own 48-72 hour fasting ceremony, and 1.5 days of focused integration work, in which you will begin the process of learning to embody what you’ve discovered on your journey.

This is a death ceremony. You are invited to strip down and enter the bardo with your naked soul. During our time together, you can expect to participate in group talking circles, one-on-one conversations with leaders, solo walks on the land, spiritual art/craft activities, ceremony, and more. There is an integration gathering with the group 6 weeks following, to further integrate your journey


Soul work can be difficult, that is the nature of Soul work. You’ll experience challenges and obstacles, fear and frustration. You’ll get to experience your personal edges and learn a great deal about yourself, your strength and gifts. Your rewards will match your commitment and you’ll find yourself moved, surprised, awakened, humored and transformed. This is a journey of a lifetime. I invite you to leap into the mystery of your future.

To embark on this journey you must be spiritually prepared first.  Curiosity and bravery are the first steps forward.


You will receive 3 separate packets upon registration with pre-quest preparation requirements.  As soon as you say yes, the journey begins.

Fee: $2500 Register

Fee includes: 6 days of teachings, ritual, ceremony and an Wilderness Earth Quest Blanket.

A minimum of 6 people must register for the quest to be held.

To Reserve a Space: $500 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT

Take that first step toward a life changing adventure by clicking below

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