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"You are walking in the hills for exercise when you are chased by a mountain lion. At the edge of a cliff you jump over and grab onto a vine. It is far to the bottom and when you look down you see that a grizzly bear is there, looking up. Above you a white mouse and a black mouse appear from the cliff side and begin to eat away at the vine. Your eye lights on a red strawberry. You pick it, you eat it. It is delicious." Koan Translated by John Tarrant

Gratitude welcomes what is given. It isn't attached to how it is given, what is given or why it is given. We often don't plan it, it just arrives out of the great mystery. It is part of happiness but doesn't include the self with a small s.  It is with such gratitude that this list of generous donors arises. I offer my deep bow and love. Thank you

Louisa Waldner

Tobe Bassior

Marie Hamilton

Roberto Rivera

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