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My coaching/counseling practice is probably unlike any you have ever experienced before.  I am not a psychologist or therapist. Rather, I am a spiritual counselor trained in integral disciplines, zen practice, indigenous traditions, adult facilitation, Relational Life Therapy and ritual. I specialize in relationship, divorce and spiritual awakening.  Together we explore what is alive in your life and discover the obstacles or challenges you are facing in order to heal the wounds that limit your life and relationship.

I am directive. You will not have to dwell in your childhood or your issues with your parents unless you believe (or I sense) they are relevant to us meeting you more deeply. Instead, we explore the life you are living, the mind you utilize to understand or make meaning of your life, the way your subconscious mind and adaptive child drives your life car, and how to manifest your intentions and dreams within the context of the live you are having.


Liberation does not live outside the life you have now, it is exactly in the life you have now.  You will come to love the life you have rather than believe there is a "better" one out there.

With regard to your relationship or marriage, we explore, together, how your partner or spouse is your greatest teacher and healer and how to transform your relationship into one that awakens your soul and heals your heart regardless whether you stay together or not.

You will discover the magnificence of who you actually are and learn tools for finding the light that lives within and all around you regardless of the circumstances of your life.

Check out the services I offer:

Individual Coaching/Counseling

Couples Coaching/Counseling

Relationship Coaching

Mindful Divorce Coaching


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