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Individual Coaching


As an intuitive I am able to tap into the spiritual opportunity that is available to you in the adversity, struggle or challenge in your life.  Through Individual Coaching a synergistic relationship between the two of us is created. Our sessions are designed to tap into your full potential and realize the truth of who you are. There are so many ways in which we get in our own way, sabotage what we say we want, or fall into patterns no longer helpful or successful to the life we intend. We all have strategies and habits from growing up that are not conscious. They arise from core beliefs you are mostly unaware of. These core beliefs are part of the habitual fiber of your thinking and being. Together we discover what these core beliefs and strategies are, embrace them for what they are – defenses to keep you small and seemingly safe. You will explore new ways of presenting in the world and turning towards the joy, abundance and prosperity that is alive in your life so that it multiplies and expands. With an eye on the direction you intend or desire – your journey becomes thrilling and transformative.  I support you in addressing your personal needs for expanding both your personal and/or professional life.

Who is One-on-One Life Counseling/Coaching for?

  • For anyone who wishes to discover a deeper level of their consciousness and actualize more of their unlimited and expanded nature.

  • For anyone who wants to create a life that exhilarates them, but notices there is a gap between how they want things to be and how they currently are.

  • For people who wish to integrate these teachings effectively and want to keep taking their life to the next level, and still live at the edge of joy and freedom.

  • For anyone who wishes to tap into the Universal Wisdom and spiritual depths of your life.


You Choose The Focus​

Clients seek me out because they want to make changes in their lives and relationships.  Clients also seek me out because they are wanting another lens through which to view their life other than a psychological one.  Some of the issues that might be of interest:

  • Creating an amazing relationship and marriage with yourself and your partner/spouse

  • Finding the sacred in your own life

  • Deepening the meaning in your relationships

  • Creating a meditation practice

  • Healing from separation or divorce

  • Discovering your true work and blue print for your life

  • Navigating a major life transition

  • Healing from illness, loss, addiction, anger and/or soul wounding

  • Removing negative mental conversations that keep you trapped in “not enough,” resentments, and other limiting thoughts.

  • Identifying a new, more fulfilling career and how to pursue it

  • Finding greater joy in life

  • Decreasing the grip of the inner critic

  • Balancing work and life

  • Stepping into a new level of leadership

  • Healing after a difficult life event

  • Fulfilling a life long dream or goal

  • Incorporating spiritual wisdom and practice in everyday living

Contact us to set up an appointment or to schedule your Free 15 minute consultation

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